It is life changing

I am a coach, with a difference. To create the most powerful
and sustainable results, I work at the level of mindset
transformation. A new solution to well-being, productivity
and success.

A genuine paradigm shift.

I am based in London and have been coaching for more
than 14 years, and have worked successfully with hundreds
of clients across the world.

We turn traditional psychology on its head.
We explore the ‘inside-out’ nature of reality, and
how your experience can transform in any moment

“So different to what I had expected – massively
exceeded my expectations as to the difference this made
to my life. Hard to explain how powerful it is. You just
have to experience it!”

Nick, London

“What Piers does is truly transformational. I feel reluctant to
try to express it in words, because I won’t do justice to the
huge impact it has had on my personal and professional life."

Daniel, London


For virtually all of my life I have been curious about what makes people tick, and the nature of the human condition.

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Live life in a more effortless and peaceful way.  Realise your resilience, creativity and innate ability to connect with others.

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